So here we are…it’s December 2022 and instead of checking things off the never ending Christmas list for the kids, I’m writing about cannabis and PGA Tour. Priorities! 

The tour has been, and unfortunately still is, behind the times when it comes to cannabis. It’s not from the lack of its players expressing interest and even investing in cannabis based companies though… So what’s the hang up? 

Is it the old stubborn oligarchy not willing to grow with the social and athletic landscape? Is the ivory tower impenetrable and unwilling to change? Or will they loosen their ties…kick off their loafers…and put something else other than aged tobacco in their pipes?  Will they burn one down and ride the winds of change? We shall see…but for now, let’s check in on what’s going on currently.

One thing that has me curious about this situation is sponsorship. Michelob ULTRA is the “Official Beer of the PGA TOUR” and the PGA TOUR CHAMPIONS (fka the Senior PGA Tour and the Champions Tour). Anheuser-Busch has been there since 1994 and I don’t foresee any floaters left behind in the years to come…especially not with $18 beers at Southern Hills! Inflation?  I guess beer prices fluctuate with OPEC. 

In 2019, the PGA Tour allowed distilled spirits sponsorships within its tournaments, becoming the last US sports league to “modernize its sponsorship policies”. Tito’s is their vodka of choice, and though they have yet to name an official tea and lemonade…I’m sure they are currently in discussions.  Simply?

Look, I get it. Money talks and people drink.  Lord knows I’ve had more than a few transfusions on the course… Personally I’m not an ULTRA guy.  The ads of people climbing over rocks and riding a bike in their living room…then drinking one watered down 4.2% alcohol content “beer”…doesn’t really speak to me.  I don’t drink to lose weight, but I DO drink to forget about ads like that, but I digress… 

So with all this money flying around, why not show a little love to cannabis? It’s not like the PGA TOUR to leave money on the table…so what gives? There are plenty of cannabis companies that have the money for sponsorship!  Charlotte’s Web is the Official CBD company for Major League Baseball! They paid over 30 million dollars to say so (and good for them)! Unfortunately, KADII CBD narrowly lost the bidding war on that one! We were about 30 mil short… So if it isn’t money then what is it?

Image, image, image! The TOUR loves its squeaky clean  image…though there are exceptions: John Daly burning heaters, drinking a drink named after him while wearing an American flag for pants is one…but by and large…it’s pretty buttoned up out there on the grass and in public. The TOUR is “safe” and doesn’t take risks on what they perceive to be a fringe or even seedy side of society (queue the LIV Tour). Well I’m here to tell you, cannabis ain’t fringe no more and you won’t find any seeds in the weed that’s out there today! 

Things have come a long way and so have the players. Players take care of their bodies.  They are on the up and up on nutrition, mental health and the newest trends to gain an edge. Hell…Bryson thinks he might live until he is 130 or 140!  Players also get hurt…and the day in, day out grind leads to a stress level that can be too much to handle alone. Just ask Bubba!  We almost lost him I hear…”I thought I was going to die.”  OK ok…don’t be so dramatic!  We can laugh at it now…but the struggle is real! And another thing, using cannabis shouldn’t be considered cheating even though Patrick Reed does endorse it.

Many, many, many players have turned to CBD and THC, not only as a financial investment, but as an investment into their personal health as well. One would think that the governing body of the PGA TOUR would listen to its players and allow them to medicate in a natural and safe way. There are countless golfers, and pro athletes alike that use cannabis, yet the PGA TOUR has made it clear (or not so clear) how they feel about it.   

If you test positive for THC on the TOUR, you will be suspended. No questions asked. Now that’s the problem! What if you tested positive because you took a full spectrum CBD product that had trace amounts of THC?  (KADDI provides THC free products, so this will never happen when you use our stuff. Plug activated). It’s not like you were ripping bong hits on the putting green before the Masters!  You were simply trying to manage your health the best way possible without using the dangerous (and addictive) pharmaceuticals or OTC pain relievers that the TOUR deems “safe”. THAT NEEDS TO CHANGE! 

The NBA changed.  They have no THC testing during the season. The NHL changed.  The players get tested annually for THC with no penalty for a positive test (maybe they’re just trying to figure out who has the good stuff…and it’s hockey.  Those boys are just built differently). MLB changed.  There is no THC testing during the season. The NFL changed.  There is no THC testing in the off season and it has raised its threshold for a positive test from 35ng/mL to 150ng/mL with no suspension for a positive test (still need some work here NFL, but we like where you’re headed). 

As you can see, the writing is on the wall and it’s up to the PGA to read it. It’s your turn PGA TOUR, and you’re away… again.


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