As CBD gains mainstream acceptance, world-class athletes are continuously turning to cannabinoids for relief. While there is serious progress with CBD on the global stage, golf is still waiting for an exclusive CBD brand that captures the essence of the game. Kadii is entering the market to bring awareness of CBD to golf for the first time on a larger scale. In doing so, our brand is on its way to becoming the top CBD company for golfers needing relief before, during, and after play.

Kadii was founded by dedicated athletes who deeply love the game of golf – including a former pro caddie and a former D1 athlete. With a lifelong passion for the game, we’ve come to realize many golfers suffer from ailments like anxiety and soreness that extend beyond the round. As a result, our life experiences motivate us to help others while also bettering the golf industry. At Kadii, we feel that consumer education, quality products, and transparency. Operations are the most direct ways to bring CBD to golf.

We know golf is not only difficult to play, but it is also hard on the mind and body.

Serious golfers often suffer from performance anxiety, yet they must keep their cool on the course in order to stay competitive. To perfect their swing, golfers must engage in highly repetitive motions day in and day out. This constant activity takes its toll on the entire body. With such issues in mind, Kadii developed a line of CBD products to help golfers improve their game by first caring for their minds and body.

The Kadii CBD product line is designed specifically with the serious golfer in mind. With sports performance at the forefront of our approach, we put together a line of topicals, edibles, and drinks. Each Kadii CBD product is made from the highest quality hemp and purest ingredients. We also back our products with Certificates of Authenticity (COA), so you know exactly what you are consuming. Finally, Kadii CBD products are priced for affordability, without sacrificing quality.

Kadii is here to support those golfers who play hard and train often. Even more, our brand aligns with those individuals that have drive and determination – such as business leaders and pro athletes. Initially, Kadii CBD products will be available online, as well as at select country clubs in Virginia. After the soft release, we will expand our sales to golf courses and sports stores throughout the United States. By adapting and evolving with the CBD industry. Our long-term goal is to become a PGA sponsor and sell our products in every pro shop in the country.

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