We’re sure you’ve heard about CBD, the ingredient in cannabis that’s being hailed as a potential cure-all for everything from anxiety to cancer. But what if you don’t want to smoke or ingest cannabis? What if you’re interested in trying CBD but don’t want to be high?

If this sounds like you, we have good news: there are ways to take advantage of the benefits of CBD without having to smoke or ingest cannabis. You can do it with our products! We’re here with a guide on how our products can help alleviate your symptoms.

Understanding Anxiety and Its Symptoms

Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental health issues in the United States. It’s estimated that about 18% of Americans will experience an anxiety disorder at some point. And while anxiety isn’t always bad, it can help you focus, be more productive, and even make you feel more creative. When combined with other symptoms, it can be tough to manage.

We know how hard it is to manage anxiety when you have it. But we also know there are ways to get through it and retake control of your life. 

So let’s talk about what anxiety is, why it happens, and what symptoms you might see if you’re experiencing an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorders occur when a constant worry or fear causes significant distress or impairment in your daily life (like work or school).

There are several types of anxiety disorders:

Common Anxiety Symptoms

Physical Symptoms: 

Emotional Symptoms: 

Behavioral Symptoms: 

How CBD Works for Anxiety Relief?

CBD is an ingredient in cannabis that is being studied for its potential therapeutic properties. The endocannabinoid system is a complex system that regulates many physiological processes in the body, including mood and stress.

It comprises receptors that respond to neurotransmitters such as anandamide, responsible for regulating mood, memory, pain perception and appetite. Anandamide can be thought of as your body’s natural version of THC.

This system has two types of receptors: CB1 and CB2. Consuming CBD binds to these receptors and produces a wide range of effects throughout the body. These effects include helping with anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and more.

How Does CBD Interact with the Endocannabinoid System?

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in a way that helps regulate anxiety. The endocannabinoid system regulates many functions in the human body, including pain, mood, and memory. The system also helps regulate feelings of anxiety. When you take CBD, it interacts with the receptors of this system and helps calm your body’s reaction to stress or anxiety.

Research on CBD and Anxiety

A study conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse found that CBD can possibly help with anxiety, especially if the user is experiencing panic attacks or feelings of extreme stress. The researchers found that CBD works better when used alongside THC than alone. This is because it helps balance out the effects of THC, which can sometimes cause paranoia and other adverse side effects. However, it is important to note that there is still much research on CBD, and it is not a cure-all for anxiety or any other condition.

Benefits of Using CBD for Anxiety

We all know that anxiety can be a real struggle, but did you know CBD can help? If you’re considering trying CBD oil, here are some of the benefits you might experience:

Possible Side Effects of CBD Use

The potential side effects of CBD include dry mouth, diarrhea and decreased appetite. These side effects are most common among people who take high doses of CBD oil or vape pens. They’re also more likely to occur when someone takes CBD without any THC in their system (THC is another active ingredient in marijuana).

These side effects shouldn’t last for long, though, and should go away after taking it regularly for about a week or two.

Dosage and Consumption Methods

The first thing to know is that a dose of CBD can vary from person to person. The best way to determine what dosage works for you is to start small and slowly increase it until you find the right amount. You may also want to experiment with different delivery methods (such as edibles versus vaping) to determine the most effective for your needs.

Several different ways that you can consume CBD, including:

It is crucial to consult with a healthcare provider before using any CBD product, especially if you are taking other medications or have underlying health conditions.


In conclusion, anxiety disorders can be challenging to manage, but CBD has emerged as a potential solution to relieve its symptoms. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system to help regulate anxiety, and research has found that it may help reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and increase focus. While CBD can cause side effects, such as the dry mouth and decreased appetite, they tend to be short-lived.

Kadii products offer a range of CBD solutions that allow users to take advantage of its benefits without smoking or ingesting cannabis. Whether you prefer to vape or eat CBD-infused edibles, Kadii has a product that can suit your needs. With the potential for CBD to help manage anxiety, Kadii’s products may offer a viable solution for those seeking relief from the condition’s symptoms.

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