So let’s get into this and learn crash 3 Easy Ways to Stay Focused Through 18 Holes course. We have all been there, everything is going great out on the course and then something happens.  Could be an endangered bird that you spotted or the smell of burgers cooking from the grill at the turn…or maybe the beverage cart girl actually made eye contact with you and now you’re suddenly off track. Well I’m here to keep the train on the tracks and help you to stick to the plan that you had when you arrived at the course. I’m gonna make it short because if you’re reading this, then ya might have a little problem with staying focused for an extended period of time.

Step1: Don’t play 18 holes…play 1 hole! This sounds easy enough, but oftentimes we look ahead (or behind). Like…”Man! I can’t wait to get to that driveable par four”.  You don’t put on a condom while you’re having dinner on the first date do you?!  No!  You wait patiently and you will get there eventually…maybe. Or we let old stuff creep in ,like…“I can’t believe I three -putted the last hole”. Don’t bring up your ex on that same first date or that condom will have to be thrown away…they do have expiration dates. So, knock it off!  Don’t do any of  that! We can’t play 18 holes all at once and each hole was designed to be a game within “the” game, so treat it as such. Boom, focused!  

Step2: Understand that nobody cares what you shot (like at all).  Even when people ask, they don’t really care.  They just want to tell you what they shot…and do you really care? See, nobody cares, at all!  Well, if you’re playing a money match, then the opponent might care a little bit…but in general you should be concerned with you and you alone. Once you eliminate the outside noise and realize it’s really just you out there, you will be able to focus on the one thing that matters, getting that little ball in the hole. In the immortal words of the Grateful Dead, “ Ain’t nobody messin with you, but you”.  No truer words to live by people. Boom, more focused!

Step 3: Don’t get too high or too low. Stay calm. Good shots come and go just as the bad ones come and go. Your job is to stay in the present. If you make birdie, you don’t need to take your shirt off and start shot-gunning beers (though the temptation is there). You need to look inside yourself and resist and realize that’s more of a post round celebration.  The golf gods are always watching and they don’t like  jackasses. On the flip side, if, god forbid, you hit a bad shot, there is no reason to start thinking about ending things & using your divot repair tool as a weapon of choice.  Just learn from what happened, good or bad, and move on to the next challenge. Boom, laser focused!

See, that wasn’t so bad, you managed to focus long enough to finish reading these words of wisdom. That’s a good sign.

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